Bonnie Siegal

Board of Advisors Member

Bonnie Siegel, founder and CEO of ASE Inc., began her event career in the early 80's as the Liaison Officer for the Israeli Mission to the United Nations. Siegel coordinated meetings and events on behalf of the mission as well as the U.N. Secretariat. She also produced countless fundraising events for major philanthropic organizations while living in New York. In 1992, having established ASE Group only 5 years earlier, she was recognized and invited by the U.S. Department of Defense to lead workshops in Heidelberg, Germany for the Moral Welfare & Recreation (MWR), division of the Army to organize and develop special events at various bases throughout Europe.

Siegel's laser focus and vision for ASE Group has led her company to produce meetings and special events in the corporate marketplace, specializing in the franchise, retail and dealer sectors. Most recently, Siegel was retained to be the National Brand Strategist and Lead Advance for the Cruz for President campaign putting her strategic thinking, branding, and event planning expertise to work. Her broad experience helped meld the messaging and image of Senator Ted Cruz into the most recognized Leader of the Republican Conservative Movement. Additionally, ASE Group partnered with the Cruz campaign to produce numerous nationally publicized events throughout the 2016 GOP Primaries.

Siegel holds a dual master's degree in International Public Policy and Public Administration from Binghamton University, New York. She is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP), has sat on multiple boards within and outside of her industry as well as in the community.