Froozer Fuels Fund





Colorado-based Froozer®, a rapidly growing frozen snack innovator of 100% freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, might be a small company, but the ambitions to do good are huge.

We at Froozer® are committed to being the leading producer of the cleanest and healthiest snacks to nourish the body, without added sugars or chemicals of any kind.

However, our commitment does not end there! We are equally driven to nourish and enhance the communities we serve, with the same focus and passion. Being a force for good is part of Froozer®'s philosophy, and this month - September is Hunger Action Month - we are delighted to bring our commitment to life with the Froozer® Fuels Fund.

There is no better place to start our Froozer® Fuels Fund campaign than right here in our hometown of Denver. In Colorado, 1 in 7 kids don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Research has shown that children who suffer from food insecurity have more social and behavioral problems and are more likely to experience development impairments. Froozer is hoping that its partnership with Food Bank of the Rockies will shine the light on the issue of childhood hunger.



As part of our Froozer® Fuels Fund campaign kick-off celebration, Froozer has pledged to donate up to $100K of product per year for the next 10 years (for a total pledge of $1 Million worth of product) to Food Bank of the Rockies in support of their partnership with the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Kids Cafe program, which provides healthy snacks to children in need.

This is our way of showing we care about our communities because we believe that it is action that counts, not words. In the long-term, we hope that our campaign is only the beginning of a cause that will help to eradicate childhood hunger and malnutrition in our home state of Colorado, and hopefully nationwide.