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Froozer® is proud to meet Lisa Marie Hodgden

By Froozer

Froozer is extremely honored to meet today, Lisa Marie Hodgden, one of Time Magazine’s Top 15 Extraordinary Wounded Warriors.

Lisa is truly an extraordinary example of the triumph of the human spirit, family and love.  In an interview in Time Magazine, Lisa remarks:

“I think of who I was six months ago and barely recognize myself. I was angry, bitter, and resentful. I didn’t trust anyone. I wanted to be left alone. I pushed people away. I hurt my family and friends and grew more bitter and angry by the day.”

“With coaches, staff and fellow athletes by my side, I began to let go of the old me. I am a work in progress; I always will be. I know it will be alright, one day, one moment at a time. I am now closer to the person my family deserves. Practicing for the Games helps me focus on the positive. I don’t need a medal in competition—I have already won.”

Froozer was honored that Lisa would try Froozer and was gracious enough to remark how she loved the taste, simple ingredients and real nutrition.  Froozer is only make from 100% whole fruits & veggies.  Lisa tried Froozer Organic Tropical Tango; and is anxious for us to have distribution in Oklahoma.

To read about Lisa and the 15 extraordinary wounded warriors on the Time Magazine web site, click here.