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Is Frozen Fruit Healthy? 5 Reasons to Change Your Snack of Choice

When you are looking for snacks, what is your snack of choice? Chocolate? Potato chips? Unhealthy snack choices can lead to many different side effects from fatigue and fogginess to slow metabolism and weight gain. What you think is an innocent handful of potato chips or a candy bar could be hundreds of calories and end up making you feel sluggish and leave your body unsatisfied. Food should make you feel good both when you are consuming it and afterwards. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring - Here are five frozen fruit nutrition facts to help you change your snacking habits!

  1. Convenient: Often times, we reach for chips or other snacks for the convenience factor. For those looking for healthier options, frozen fruit is just as accessible as those greasy chips! There is nothing more convenient than snacking on a Froozer! Our individually packaged “bars” are easy to grab on your way out the door. Plus, they can be bought in bulk and stored which provides cost savings. Are the kids whining for a snack before dinner? Froozer is fast, delicious and won’t ruin their appetite for dinner.

  2. Nutrients: We all know that if fruits and veggies sit around on our counters or in our fridges for too long valuable nutrients and freshness are lost. A shocking percentage of fresh food in US households is thrown out each year, and still others are consumed after their ideal ripeness. Froozer’s fruit is picked at the height of ripeness and with no added ingredients - that’s right, just 100% pure fruit -- is packed and frozen to be delivered to you. When it comes to valuable nutrients and antioxidants, eating a Froozer is just like eating a piece of fresh fruit, and because you can store them in the freezer, you will reduce your fruit waste over the course of the year. We aren’t the only one who believes in the power of frozen fruit - check out this ABC News article on the benefits of buying frozen.

  3. Creative: Even if you don’t have a Froozer on hand, you can get creative with your food choices when you are on the go. For instance, the next time you consider stopping by the fast food restaurant around the corner for a shake, consider a frozen fruit smoothie instead. Not only will you save money, but you will most likely feel better from a natural snacking choice that your body will be able to digest better.

  4. Portion Sizes: If you are trying to be health conscious but like your snacks to be in larger portion sizes, it is definitely time to make the switch to frozen fruit! For instance, there are roughly 150 calories in a bag of potato chips and over 100 milligrams of sodium. Each Froozer only contains between 35-40 calories, so you can snack small, add a Froozer to your lunch to pack in some extra fruits & veggies, or have a few to fuel a larger snack hankering!

  5. You Will Feel Better: Let’s face it - when we eat better, we feel better. When you choose an all-natural snack such as frozen fruit your body and mind will thank you.. Whole nutrition actually gives you energy and helps to keep your mind clear.


If you are ready to make the switch to a healthier snacking option, look no further than Froozer. Our goal is to deliver healthy nutritional snacks that not only taste great, but also are also mindful of the environment. We take healthy frozen fruits and formulate them into a convenient grab-n-go stick that is fun and easy to digest. From Strawbanana Bliss to Blue Aloha—you can for certain find a low calorie snack of your choice that is packed with vitamins. View our selection today to have delivered right to your door and contact us with any questions or when you are ready to make the switch!