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Frozen Fruit Snacks & Bananas - A Match Made in Heaven

March 25, 2016

Bananas are, arguably, one of America’s favorite and most commonly consumed fruits. They work well with breakfast, in smoothies, as a snack, or in desserts. Bananas are great in frozen fruit smoothies or frozen fruit bars and provide a creamy texture and a yummy flavor. We are proud to say that all three of our current varieties of frozen fruit sticks contain banana. Despite its relative popularity many Americans are not aware of all the benefits of eating even just one banana per day.


First, one average-sized banana is approximately one cup of fruit. Nutritionists suggest two cups of fruit per day, so by eating one banana, you’re already halfway to your daily serving of fruits. Fruits provide us with a variety of nutritional benefits that our bodies need to stay healthy. Each Froozer stick contains one or more servings of veggies in each stick!


Second, bananas contain high levels of potassium. Potassium is essential to heart health. It keeps the heart beating properly, and provides good support for the cardiovascular system. The combination of the high potassium content and low sodium levels may even help protect against high blood pressure as well!


Remarkably, bananas also contain high amounts of tryptophan, which the body converts to serotonin during digestion. You may have heard of tryptophan in your discussions of the the Thanksgiving turkey, but bananas have it too! The serotonin your body reaps from bananas helps keep moods elevated. Healthy serotonin levels can help prevent depression, or alleviate some of the symptoms of depression.


Bananas are high in fiber, meaning they can help keep your digestive system in good health. Additionally, bananas can actually increase the levels of probiotics in the stomach, making it easier for your body to absorb other nutrients that it needs for good health, particularly calcium, which our bodies need to keep our bones strong. Plus, the amount of B6 found in bananas can help prevent Type II Diabetes, an insulin disorder. Type II Diabetes is a huge problem in the U.S., and preventing its development is difficult for many Americans.


Another amazing benefit of eating bananas regularly is the amount of antioxidants that they contain. Usually, blueberries get the most credit for containing antioxidants, but bananas have a healthy dose as well. Antioxidants prevent an abundance of free radicals, and are necessary for your continued health. Read more about the benefit of antioxidants and the risks of free radicals.

All three of our products contain bananas. We don’t mess with the fruit in any way, so you’re getting the full benefit of the banana, just like if you’d actually eaten a piece of whole fruit. Give us a try, and tell us what you think! Your health will thank you. Look for us at your favorite grocery store - here is a list of where to buy Froozer.