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From Processed to Whole Foods – When it's Good to be a Quitter

June 13, 2016

It can be difficult for some folks to quit ingesting processed, refined sugar – especially if attempted cold turkey. However, some folks sail right through it easily. Most quitters report that they didn't expect the wide range of positive benefits they experienced from quitting sugar and going to whole foods. At Froozer®, we know the body needs some natural sugars to thrive, but we also know that processed sugars are showing up as less and less appealing to those interested in a healthy, balanced body and lifestyle. Here are just a few benefits of getting off processed sugar.

1. Saving Money
Think about all the ways your bank balance is affected by sugar. Do you spend money on a range of sweets throughout your week/day:  a doughnut on the way to the office because of a skipped breakfast, banana bread for a mid-morning snack with sugar-laden coffee, a chocolate bar for an afternoon pick-me-up with a sugary cola, a pastry and milk for a bedtime snack?

2. Impact on insulin, blood glucose levels
Different nutrients have varying impacts on how you feel after you consume them. Fructose (natural sugar in fruit) is sent to the liver after consumption and has minimal impact on insulin and blood sugar levels. This is especially true when the whole fruit is ingested instead of fruit juices. This makes it a better option if you want to avoid the highs and lows typically associated with foods that contain pure glucose.

Sugar, while composed of partial fructose, will still send glucose straight to the blood, causing insulin levels to increase while you experience a quick burst of energy. Unfortunately, this burst of energy is frequently followed by a drop, which often just leaves you hungry and craving more.

3. Increased energy
You will likely notice a huge improvement in this area, particularly in the afternoon when you used to get an energy slump between 2pm-4pm that warranted that chocolate bar and cola. The uncomfortable and precipitous mid-afternoon energy drop-off usually disappears.

4. And Beyond
In Gary Taubes' The New York Times Magazine post, Is Sugar Toxic?, he suggests that excessive consumption of sugar is the primary reason that the numbers of obese and diabetic Americans have skyrocketed in the past 30 years, as well the likely dietary cause of several other chronic ailments widely considered to be diseases of Western lifestyles – heart disease, hypertension and many common cancers.

If you've decided to give up sugar, know that at Froozer®, we present our natural fruits and veggies in all their glory, nothing added or subtracted – no added sugar and not even a drop of water. Our frozen whole-fruit smoothies are: All Natural, Antioxidant Rich, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Naturally Low in Calories, and Vegan. Want to try them for yourself? You can buy them right here on our website, and we’ll ship them to you. You can also find them in various grocery stores such as Whole foods and other retailers (map here). We can't wait for you to try Froozer® and let us know what you think!