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Reduce Your Risk of Obesity and Diabetes with Whole Food Sugar-Blockers

June 22, 2016

Insulin spikes can lock fat into your cells and prevent it from being used for energy. Keeping blood sugar steady is an important tool for preventing insulin spikes. Starch is the substance in our diet that's most responsible for blood sugar surges. The good news? Fiber in whole fruits and veggies can blunt the blood sugar-raising effects and slow carbohydrate digestion and entry into our bloodstream. At Froozer, we recognize the benefits of whole foods, and we know you are concerned about what you and your kids eat.  

Even though whole grain products are high in fiber, the starch in grains quickly turns to sugar in the digestive system and overwhelms any blood sugar-blocking effects the fiber might have had. Of course, all fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars. Nevertheless, most fruits and vegetables contain proportionately more soluble fiber than sugar, so they don't raise blood sugar as quickly and as much as grain products and refined carbohydrates. 

To ascertain the balance of fiber to sugar in fruits and vegetables, look at their glycemic index/load. To find out more about glycemic load, see the Prevention guide, Glycemic Impact 101. Studies show that carbohydrates that have been associated with increased risk of obesity or diabetes have glycemic loads greater than 100. Conversely, fruits and vegetables with glycemic loads less than 100 have been associated with a reduced risk of diabetes and obesity.  

Therefore, to avoid blood sugar spikes, you will want to avoid fruits or vegetables with glycemic loads higher than 100, even though they contain soluble fiber. Fruits and vegetables whose glycemic loads are between 50 and 100 are themselves acceptable to eat, but they release enough glucose to nullify their usefulness as sugar blockers. The best fruit and vegetable sugar blockers are those with glycemic loads less than 50. Strawberries and blueberries, for instance, have an index of 40.  

Natural soluble fiber blocks sugar best when consumed before, rather than after, you eat starch. For instance, if your meal includes a salad, steak, potatoes, and green beans, eat the salad and at least some of the green beans before eating the potatoes.

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