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Foods to Avoid in Whole Food Diet Therapy for Children with ADHD

June 29, 2016

In an earlier Froozer® blog post, we looked at information about how a whole foods diet combined with supplements can improve attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms in children – with no side effects. At Froozer®, we want to bring you even more information about foods and their affect on ADHD symptoms. In this blog post, we talk about foods to avoid, because we know that some studies suggest that diet may help ADHD kids more than drugs do.

ADHD alternative treatments include diet and nutrition changes that can make a significant difference in the lives of children with ADHD. In many cases, dietary changes have not only improved the symptoms of hyperactivity, concentration, and impulsivity, but also have calmed oppositional behavior. Diet therapy includes eating a wide range of whole foods as well as avoiding certain other foods.

Foods to Avoid

1. Avoid processed foods with additives, preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors. Many ADHD children are hypersensitive and react to one or all of these.

For example, one family experienced this when they gave their son a prescription antibiotic that contained red dye #40. Within a few minutes his behavior became bazaar and uncontrollable. He was out of control for the next two hours. After this same scenario happened with the second dose, they obtained a prescription for a different antibiotic without the dye.

2. Avoid dairy products of all kinds for at least two weeks to see if you notice a difference in behavior. Ice cream, which often intensifies ADHD symptoms, can be especially problematic due to the combination of dairy and sugar. Many children have sleeping difficulties after eating ice cream before bed.

3. Stop soft drink and caffeine intake. Avoiding colas, ice teas, and carbonated drinks in any form helps a very high percentage of children with hyperactivity and concentration problems.

4. Surprising as it is, an important food to avoid for ADHD children is fruit juices. Due to the high concentration of natural sugars in fruit juice, it can create problems for many children – especially children dealing with ADHD.

5. Go from processed to whole foods. Cut junk food and sugar:  no candies, no chocolates, no sugary desserts, no ice cream.

6. Avoid processed meats. Fresh, natural meats are best. Stay with organic whenever possible.

7. Avoid deep-fried foods, as they can also cause problems.

8. Between-meal snacks should be healthy and kept to a minimum.

Natural Whole-fruit Nutrition
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