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Des Hague of Froozer® Welcomes Robin Michel to Froozer® Board of Advisers

Hague Expands A-Team of Brand Ambassadors for Froozer®


Today, Froozer® Chairman of the Board and CEO, Des Hague, announced the addition of Robin Michel to the Froozer® Board of Advisers. Michel is a senior executive with verifiable, year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit, and market growth within the highly competitive and quickly evolving retail food industry. She has had a distinguished career of successfully leading retailers such as 7-eleven, HEB, Sears and Giant Foods.

"The commitment that Froozer makes to each of us is that it is 'good for you; good for the environment; and good for our communities.' I can stand in support of that position every single day!” -- Robin Michel

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