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Pops Full of Flavor

Inside Scoop: Froozer Pops, All Natural, Full of Flavor

Elizabeth Román, on October 17, 2016 at 11:58 AM

I get a lot of requests from friends and readers to review more products that don't have artificial junk in them. While I enjoy all types of frozen treats and do not discriminate based on what's in them, I will admit that products with less ingredients tend to taste better than those full of corn syrup and food coloring.

I went on the hunt at Big Y this week to find something that had minimal ingredients and would still be yummy. I opted for fruit bars since those are advertised as being the healthiest option. Well, after reading about eight different boxes with either artificial sweeteners, food coloring and tons of ingredients I can't spell or pronounce, I foundFroozer Tropical Sunset bars.

Froozer bars are frozen fruit that come in a long tube. Check out the ingredients: Whole mangos, whole grapes, whole bananas, whole pineapples and less than one percent guar and acacia, which are both natural binders, and that's it.

I love all of the fruit listed in the ingredients but have never mixed them together, so I was slightly concerned that it would taste overly sweet or one fruit flavor would overpower the rest.

I let the tube thaw for about five minutes before opening it and was greeted with a slender pink colored frozen Popsicle looking thing.

I bit into it and it was just like a frozen version of a really tasty fruit smoothie. It wasn't too sweet and no one fruit stood out, instead you get this tropical explosion of mango and banana and pineapple. The bar does not melt quickly, but when I was done at the bottom there was this little pool of thick, creamy smoothie substance which of course I drank.

I absolutely loved these bars and give them five scoops. For anyone with allergies or dietary restrictions, you cannot no wrong with this treat. As a special bonus they were on sale at Big Y for $1.99.

Apparently the brand sells a strawberry bliss version and blue aloha, which has blueberries and even carrots in it. I did not see those at Big Y, but I hope the store will consider carrying the brand, because I definitely plan on keeping these in my freezer from now on.