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We're setting up a Health and Wellness Council!

Froozer is assembling an all star cast of top dietitians to head up the Froozer® Health and Wellness Council!

Aug 10, 2016

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Froozer has created a team of nfluential dietitians to head up the Froozer® Health and Wellness Council.The Froozer® Health and Wellness Council includes Tara Collingwood, Team Dietitian for the Orlando Magic NBA team, Beth Miller, Director of Sports Nutrition with UCLA and Jessica LaRoche, Sports Nutritionist with US Speedskating.

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Using Whole Foods in the Yearly Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) Battle

Aug 3, 2016

Summer is in full swing here in Colorado and the days are longer, providing us with more sunlight. As you come up out of cold months and into warm ones, it is a good time to review how you faired during the darker, colder months. Did you fair well? Did the lack of sun affect your mood and life? Or did you sail through without a hitch? So many times, we can't see the forest for the proverbial trees and can only tell we had a difficult winter after we get clear enough in the spring to look back at it. At Froozer®, we are committed to pure foods, to providing whole food snacks for your better health and living. We present natural fruits and veggies in all their glory, nothing added or subtracted – not even a drop of water.

As the days get shorter, some people begin to see signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which may affect as many as seven out of ten Americans. Although experts were initially skeptical, Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) is now recognized as a common disorder. SAD, or winter-onset depression, is believed to be caused by reduced exposure to sunlight and a drop in serotonin levels. It may be further fueled by our love affair with coffee and energy drinks, because caffeine suppresses serotonin. Serotonin is the "feel good" chemical in the brain that tells us, when we have an adequate amount, that all is well.

For many people, dietary changes, combined with light therapy and exercise can be just what’s needed to improve their SAD condition. Many of us do not eat the way we should to maintain good health during the winter – especially with the holidays thrown in there too, with their endless array of carbohydrate-rich foods. A good start might involve reducing or cutting out caffeine.

Protein is an important nutritional support; especially high quality EPA/DHA sources. Choose foods that are rich in these, such as egg yolks and mushrooms. Try to have a small amount of protein at least three times per day.

We all know we should eat more fruit. Instead of reaching for sugar-filled processed snacks, reach for the natural sugar that comes in fresh whole fruit. Fruits contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can keep us healthy all winter. Bananas, for instance, contain potassium, magnesium and tryptophan which can help improve sleep and reduce anxiety. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and other fresh berries can help prevent the release of too much cortisol, a hormone linked to anxiety and stress.

At Froozer®, we believe in whole foods that nourish your body and mind, supporting the body's natural healing processes and providing those nutrients needed for balance. Our frozen whole-fruit smoothies are:  All Natural, Antioxidant Rich, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Naturally Low in Calories, and Vegan. Want to try them for yourself? You can buy them right here on our website, and we’ll ship them to you. You can also find them in various grocery stores such as Whole Foods (map here).

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The Paleo Whole Foods Diet – Foods to Eliminate

Jul 27, 2016

Not a Diet

The core support for this way of eating comes from contemporary biology, physiology, and biochemistry, even though the initial insight leading to the Paleo diet was gleaned from studies of Paleolithic man and both modern and historically-studied hunter-gatherers. There are thousands of scientific studies that evaluate how components in foods interact with the human body to promote or undermine health. These are the studies used to form the base of the Paleo diet.

Happily, there’s a lot of wiggle room in the Paleo diet. It encourages you to experiment so that you can figure out not just what makes you healthiest, but also what makes you happiest and fits into your schedule and budget. There are no hard and fast rules about how much protein versus fat versus carbohydrates to eat and when to eat. There are even foods (examples:  high quality dairy, potatoes) which some people choose to include in their diets – whereas others do not.

The Paleo diet is not really a "diet". It is a way of life. It is not a difficult diet that requires a great deal of willpower and self-deprivation in reach of some predetermined goal. Because the real goal of the diet is long-term health and the long-term rethinking of your way of eating, the Paleo diet allows for imperfection.

It gives you the flexibility to experiment to discover what is optimal versus what is tolerable and to find what works best for your body, long-term. Sustainability is an important concept of the Paleo diet, meaning that this is a way of eating and living that you can commit to and maintain for your entire life. For most people, flexibility is achieved by following an 80/20 rule (or a 90/10) rule, which means that 80% (or 90%) of your diet is made up of healthy Paleo foods and the other 20% (or 10%) is not. Many people find they are healthiest and feel best when their 20% (or 10%) continues to avoid the most researched-confirmed inflammatory foods such as wheat, soy, peanuts, pasteurized industrially-produced dairy, and processed food chemicals.

What to eliminate

The foods that are eliminated in a Paleo diet are the ones that that are difficult to digest (which can cause gut health problems and contribute to gut dysbiosis), and have the ability to stimulate inflammation or mess around with important hormones. It also eliminates those foods that provide our bodies with very little nutrition (especially for the amount of energy they contain).

Typically, a Paleo diet will exclude:
  • grains and pseudo-grains/non-gluten grains
  • legumes (legumes with edible pods like green beans are fine)
  • dairy (especially pasteurized industrially-produced)
  • refined and processed foods (including refined seed oils like canola and safflower, refined sugars, and chemical additives and preservatives)
At Froozer®, we recognize the need for whole, healthy foods to keep you healthy and happy. Our products represent our commitment to the pure goodness of freshly harvested whole fruits & veggies, flash-frozen and blended for optimal taste, nutrition and digestion. Our frozen whole-fruit smoothies are:  All Natural, Antioxidant Rich, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Naturally Low in Calories, and Vegan. Made with 100% real fruit and vegetables picked at the peak of their ripeness, Froozer® is a nutritious and yummy treat that can be enjoyed by all ages. Buy our whole foods frozen fruit smoothies right online!
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Froozer Fuels Fund

Jul 25, 2016

Froozer®'s mission is to do good for the body, the environment and the communities we work in. Froozer® Fuels Fund has been established to help underserved youths find a way towards a brighter future.

Froozer® Duo Hague and Naha Announce Froozer® in Major New England Supermarket Chain Back By Popular Demand

Froozer® once again available at all Big Y World Class Markets in New England.

Jul 22, 2016

Des Hague, Froozer® CEO and Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of Hague Enterprises, and Froozer® President, Rich Naha, announced today that Froozer® has been brought back into Big Y World Class Markets throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts by popular demand. Starting this week, Froozer®, the rapidly growing snack innovator of 100% freshly harvested and flash-frozen fruits and vegetables, will be available for a limited time at all Big Y locations.

Headquartered in Springfield, MA, Big Y is one of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in New England. Proud to be family owned and operated, they currently operate 67 stores throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts with over 10,000 employees. Founded in 1936 by brothers Paul and Gerald D’Amour, the store was named after an intersection in Chicopee, Massachusetts where two roads converge to form a “Y”.

"We are delighted that Big Y's customers enjoyed Froozer® so much a couple of months ago, that they have asked for our product to be stocked again," said Hague. "We are thrilled to be working with Big Y World Class Markets on delivering healthy and relevant snacks to their customers."

In addition to being available at Big Y, Froozer®, the frozen snack made from 100% whole fruits & veggies (and nothing else!), is available at Fenway Park during all Boston Red Sox home games, and will soon be available at Gillette Stadium during all games and other functions. For a complete list of retailers and other venues that carry Froozer® products, please visit

"We are very excited about our partnership with Big Y," remarked Naha, before adding, "their World Class Markets are a perfect venue to introduce new, innovative and healthy products to the consumer, and that is what we are all about."

About Froozer® - "simple ingredients. real nutrition." 
Froozer® products, the official healthy frozen fruit & veggie snack partner of US Speed Skating, represent the pure goodness of freshly harvested fruits & veggies picked at the peak of their ripeness, flash-frozen whole and blended for optimal taste, nutrition and digestion. Natural fruits and veggies in all their glory, nothing added or subtracted, not even a drop of water. Available in three delicious flavors - STRAWBANANA BLISS, TROPICAL SUNSET and BLUE ALOHA - in 6-pack boxes. Look for Froozer® in your local grocery store freezer at select fine retail locations in the Denver Area, including WholeFoods and Alfalfa's, and various select retailers in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Oregon, Washington State, Rhode Island and Alaska, or place your order for a 48-count box at or to have your Froozer® delivered directly to your home or office.

For more information: 
Contact: Renate Siekmann, VP of Corporate Strategy and Communications, Froozer® 
Phone:215-539-9481, Rsiekmann(at)froozer(dot)com 
Connect with Froozer® on Facebook or Twitter

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